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Davies & Dunham

Back to Basics Kit

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The program is 35 days and our clients work off a structured, high-nutrient, low-calorie system that is aided with four supplements designed to support the shift and hormonal reset. In addition to the supplements, you also take our custom homeopathic drops to support the pituitary gland.

The most important part of a sustainable lifestyle is shifting your mindset and replacing old habits with new ones. Our clients text their coach each morning, have virtual weekly meetings available, join our local Facebook group and much more.


A 30-day supply of  Simply Silymarin
A 30-day supply of  Simply Complete 
A 30-day supply of Simply Relora
A 30-day supply of  Simply Silymarin Drops
A 30-day supply of  B2B Homeopathic Drops
Food logs
Grocery list
Daily Tracker
Daily check-ins with your coach
Structured plan
Dr. Deans Weekly Videos
Fit 3D Scan


Prequalification Form Required:

Please take a moment to fill out our prequel/health form here. This form is required prior to kit pick up or shipment: