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How to enjoy summer

We are thrilled to host an all day long event which includes meal demo's, summer drinks, coffee, and even an introduction to the Supreme Kick Start.

You do not need to be a client to come and join the festivities, in fact it's an amazing way to come learn more about the coaches, the system, the food and more! We promise you won't walk away with out a new tips, tricks, or food idea's that you can use right away!

Open House

Wednesday June 29th starting at 9:00am

9:00am Coffee is Brewed

Come join us for fresh coffee and have an opportunity to taste test the delicious Stevia sweeteners that we carry including Hazelnut and French Vanilla.

10:00am live food prep demo's

Food prep is the key and it doesn't need to be overwhleming in the slightest. Come in and take part in our live demo on easy food and meal prep ideas that will save you time and set you up for success.

12:00pm How to Enjoy Summer

Stop saying you need to survive summer and get ready to enjoy it! Join us to learn recipes, and tips and tricks to help make your summer great!

1:00pm Supreme Kick start

If you have completed either Back to Basics and Healthy Habits & Continued Success or 20/30 FastTrack and Listen to Your Body this brand new system is for you! Come hear it here first!

2:00pm Summer Beverages

Ready to try some of our favourite summer drinks? You won't want to miss out! Give them a taste test and maybe even find your new favourite!

3:30pm Food psychology and the importance of supplements

It's about so much more than eating well. Understanding how your brain functions and how you can apply CBT to continue your progess. Don't forget about supplements, we never do! Learn from Jackie Dunham why they are important. We promise you won't want to miss this!

5:30 Spice it up

Try some spices, dressings and more seasonings that will leave you wanting more and never saying this chicken is boring ever again.

6:30pm meet Dr. Dean

Learn about a CBT approach, and view some of our custom video's currated by Dr.Dean herself for Back to Basics.

7:00pm back to basics seminar

Curious if Back to Basics is the right weight loss and nutrition coaching program for you? Come join us to learn the in's and out's and how this system works and why it is so different than the rest.

8:00 pm check in meeting for everyone!

You do not need to be a member to come and take part in our check in meeting live and on location. Past, present and future clients are all welcome to learn more!

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