Healthy Habits and Continued Success

What is Healthy Habits and Continued Success (HHCS)?
Clients that are in the HHCS program have already completed the B2B program, which is incredibly important to do, because those 35 days have brought your hormones to base level, and have prepared you to move forward. HHCS is a 6-month online subscription where you will be assigned a coach to guide you though adding/testing food back weekly.   

How does HHCS work?
Because you are in a high health state from successfully completing the B2B Program you’re able to begin! With a weekly meeting we work directly with the client on a one-on-one basis introducing new foods in a specific order! We promised you would get everything back and we meant it! Depending on the client's goal this can look different for everyone. Some clients have come to us with no weight to lose, but were wanting to reconnect with food in a positive way. Others are still working on their goal - whatever you reason we work with you, on a plan that suits your goals. 
Why we talk about mindset?
Mindset is the key to all of this. We could provide you with the grocery list, supplements and homeopathic drops but unless you truly replace the old habits, and start to incorporate Healthy Habits into your lifestyle, you will be stuck in the diet mentality. And that is the last thing we want for you. With the help, coaching, and weekly videos created by Dr. Jasmine Dean, you as the client are able to continue to grow, and not only recognize your food triggers, but your mental triggers, or blocks that have been creating these not so friendly habits.  
What is all included?
 * HHCS Weekly Videos
* Weekly Meeting with your coach
 * Structured Customized Eating Plan (we stress customized as each individual is a client for a different reason and goal for coming, so this plan is different from person to person)
 * Mindset and Lifestyle coaching - reflection on mindset, obstacles and triggers, self-awareness.