Back to Basics Program

The Back to Basics program is specifically designed to balance your insulin levels and let your your cortisol levels come down naturally. It is a very structured first 35 days because we are making some major adjustments in a short period of time. Frequently, clients report blood pressure stabilizing, migraines gone, improved sleep, steady energy, and clear skin. This is due to the balancing of hormones. When our cortisol comes down naturally, it stops stealing from our progesterone, which means the progesterone and estrogen can be balanced. As we stabilize our insulin levels to allow insulin to do its job naturally, you will eliminate symptoms like inflammation, high blood pressure, mood swings, and more because insulin is not spiking and crashing all the time trying to manage the foods you are reacting to.

Included in our kit: 

  • 30 day supply of Simply Complete
  • 30 day supply of Simply Relora
  • 30 day supply of Simply Silymarin Drops
  • 30 day supply of Simply Probiotics
  • 30 day supply of B2B Drops
  • Kajabi App
  • Weekly Meetings
  • Daily one on one Coaching
  • Dr. Dean Videos                          
  • Fit 3D Scan
  • Food Logs
  • Grocery List
  • Daily Tracker
  • Private Local Facebook Group

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